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SSTTTTAAAMMPPS! :iconfeelingfreeplz:

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Chalice Stamp by IamAllyBallyBee

Another long awaited collaboration meme, this time with Radioactive-Cryptid.

Today, we have Roxy and her head-canon of Red Skull- I mean, Black Mask.

1) Let's meet the two rivals, shall we?

Roxanna "Roxy" Johnson/Roman Sionis (AKA. Black Mask)

2) Why do they dislike/hate each other? When did their feud begin?

Roman: She's my woman's "mother", so of course she has to hate me, because I'm "violating" her precious, baby daughter. And there's also the fact that I'm one'na Gotham's most power mob bosses and she's a cop.
Roxy: :grump: He's just a monster, plain and simple. There's nothing to like and I sure as Hell do NOT approve of him for Opal.
Roman: Not your choice, Grandma! :rage:

3) Which one has the most hate?

Roman: What was the question again? I was workin' on somethin'. *Looks at a crumpled piece of paper that has "Die, bitch" scrawled across it*
Roxy: How mature. :roll:

4) Make them the opposite of who they are! Have them act as friends or even lovers!

Roman: *Loads gun and points it at Caesar* How about you just ask the next question, okay, 'pal'?
Roxy: Put that away! Now isn't the time or place for that, Roman!
Roman: You ain't my mother! And if you were, you would be dead, already!
Roxy: *Ignores*

5) Have one of them play a prank the other!

Roman: Hey dyke, I left you a present on your doorstep. Why don't cha open it? Devilish
Roxy: :icondonotwantplz:
Roman: Come on... it's your favorite! Red Velv-
Kelly: Penis! Meow :3 Oooh, a delicious cake! La la la la *Opens the box, only for it to explode*
Kelly: Wheee! Penis... I think I've fainted.

6) What would happen if they were locked in a room together for some time?

Roman: I could bust a cap in your head right then 'n there. Nobody would have to know...
Roxy: I'm just gonna back away reaalll slowly... like I wasn't even here.

7) What could stop them from being enemies? Can't we all just get along?

Roman: If she could keep her fat, self-righteous mouth shut, I guess I could learn to ignore her.
Roxy: Do you say that to Opal if she ever says something you don't like? :iconimdementedplz:
Roman: Of course not. I ain't STUPID.
Roxy: Right...

8) Yeah right, it's time for a battle to the death!

Roman: BOOM BITCH! Black Mask is gonna win this one! *pulls out a uzi*
Roxy: Alright! I was going to try and be cordial, but to Hell with it! :rage:

9) Who wins?

Roman: Me-
Roxy: No. ME. Do not try and bend the spoon ...

10) That wasn't pretty. Let's try something where no one gets hurt. Take your pick: Video games, chess, poker battle or whatever.

Roman: How would it be any fun if nobody gets hurt?
Roxy: Of course, you would say that. Roll Eyes

11) Is there someone both characters admire? If not, then have another character intervening in a fight of theirs or whatever you want.

Roman: ... We both like Opal. There. That's it. That's all.
Roxy: I guess that's something we can finally agree on.

Opal: Mommy! Huggle!
Roxy: :cuddle:
Roman: :roll:

12) Is there anything the rivals have in common?

See above.

13) Switch roles! Maybe you'll empathize with each other that way! Or... not?

Roman: Lookit me! I'mma good ol' bible thumper and muff diver! And no man shall ever stick his dick in my precious baby girl!
Roxy: That's portrayal was about as accurate as Sykes'. :roll:

14) That's it, GROUP THERAPY!

Roman: Fuck no! I'd rather spend a week in Blackgate!
Roxy: Um... no. I don't see it going anywhere, other than a screaming match or him trying to kill me.

15) Final thoughts, tag someone or whatever.

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