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SSTTTTAAAMMPPS! :iconfeelingfreeplz:

What Disney Villain Are You?
What Disney Villain Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Hosted By Anime
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
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Chalice Stamp by IamAllyBallyBee
1) Introduce your pairing!

Chalice Venerando & Nigel Ramses Cadbury

2) So... how did you two meet?

Chal: I kind of met him through Roxy, when she had made arrangements for my birthday party at his restaurant. Giggle

Nigel: I also waited on her table, but we truly got to know each other through a mututal lover, Sid.

3) Who initiated the relationship and how?

Nigel: I think we mutually agreed on the subject together.
Chal: Giggle

4) Interesting! What was your first kiss with each other like?

Nigel: Amazing Love You're a great kisser.
Chal: Right back at you, Hon. ;) (Wink)
Nigel: :iconblushplz:

5) Aww! What do you find most attractive about each other, not just in the physical appearance department?

Nigel: She is a very strong willed woman. I respect her and her family so much for what they have been through.
Chal: Thank you, Nigel. Nigel's a very handsome stallion, but it's also what's on the inside that makes him beautiful.

6) Would you say you're in love?

Chal: We care for each other deeply, have admiration and respect for the other, but we aren't in love.
Nigel: We might've if things turned out differently, but that ship has sailed. ;) (Wink)

7) How sweet! How comfortable are you with one another?

Nigel: I was willing to share my sex fantasies with her, so I'd say I was very comfortable with Chalice. Giggle
Chal: Nigel is one of the few people that knows about... certain things that have happened to me in my past and is more than understanding.

8) Who would you say "Wears the pants" in the relationship?

Nigel: I'd say it was rather balanced. Aww
Chal: Although, I think he might've at times. Considering he's older and wiser, therefor had more experience in life. Giggle

9) What are some things you admire about your partner?

Nigel: Her zealousness in spirit as well as in body; you're so nimble. Love
Chal: I admire how much Nigel has overcome past certain tragic events in his life and how protective he is of those he cares about.

10) Compatibility is important in a relationship, so how are you alike in some ways?

Nigel: We're both into BDSM for a start. Giggle We also care deeply about our current romantic partners.
Chal: And we were survivors of sexual violence and some people we care about have been in the same situation.

11) That's cool! How are you two different from each other in personality?

Nigel: I would never ever use a gun.
Chal: I'm a lot more hot-headed, louder and curse like a drunk Italian sailor.
Nigel: Well, I concur with Azrael about the cursing drunk Italian sailor being attractive. Giggle

12) Now for the dirty questions! How is your sex life together?

Nigel: We had excellent sex when we were together. Horny! Azrael is one lucky Zebra!
Chal: Why color me flattered. Heart But in all honesty, I feel I'm the lucky one.
Ariel: We're allllll... lucky. :iconmagentaplz:
Nigel: Great timing, Ariel. Giggle

13) Who is usually on top?

Nigel: I think we shared that evenly, although I think she liked dominating me more often than not. Heart Not that I mind.

Chal: And usually I prefer being dominated. I guess there was something about Nigel that brought out the "Dom" in me. ;) (Wink)

14) What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done with each other?

Nigel: Bondage, spankings, claws, three ways... did I leave anything out? ;) (Wink)
Chal: That sounds about right. ;) (Wink)

15) Ooh, how dirty! Now time for brutal honesty, what do you like the least about each other? No one is perfect, after all!

Nigel: The way some people treat her! I've come close to ripping out Sykes' feathers with my bare hands! :X (Mad)

16) Ouch, that has to sting! What do you usually argue about?

Chal: We don't argue that much, but when we do, it's usually how he doesn't like that Amanda and I don't really get along.

17) Have your arguments ever gotten violent?

Nigel: I wouldn't dare lay a hand on her in spite! :iconnuzzleplz:
Chal: Me neither!

18) How do you usually make up after a fight?

Nigel: How do you think? ;) (Wink)

19) Have you met each other's family, yet? If yes, then how do you feel about them?

Nigel: Your family is what I expected them to be, they're all incredibly good-looking! Love
Chal: Giggle Thanks. I've met his sister and she's an absolute sweet heart, as well as an immensely strong woman.
Elizabeth: Tight Hug

20) Is there anyone who disapproves of your relationship?

Nigel: Hmm... I don't think there was at the time.
Chal: Probably Sykes. Roll Eyes

21) Oh. That being said, do you have anyone who does support your relationship?

Elizabeth: La la la la

22) That's nice! Do you eventually plan to get married and/or start a family?

Nigel: That wasn't in the cards for us, I'm afraid. Giggle
Chal: Nod

23) What would you do if the other was killed?

Nigel: I would certainly mourn her loss. Tears I care about you so much, darling. Smooooch! Hug
Chal: Huggle! And I for you.

24) What would most likely cause you two to end your relationship?

Nigel: It's hard for me to even think of something that would. That's just awful. :( (Sad)
Chal: Amen to that.

25) Everyone has insecurity about infidelity, so how would you react if the other cheated?

Nigel: Being a swinger, I'm used to seeing significant others with other significant others. Giggle If we were still together, I wouldn't have minded sharing her with someone else. ;) (Wink) However, she's with Azrael and he does mind, and I respect those boundaries.
Chal: And I appreciate that, Nigel. Aww

26) Ah... while we're on the subject, who is most likely to get jealous or possessive?

Nigel: I don't think we are the jealous type.

27) What do you think makes your relationship seems so interesting?

Chal: That we were able to maintain a strong and supportive friendship, even though we've ended our sexual relationship.
Nigel: I wish OTHERS could have done the same for you. *stares at Sid*
Sid: Remembering something you have with someone is hard to do when they're not doing it with you anymore! :( (Sad)
Nigel: It's better to remember the best of times than to forget they ever happened.Smooooch! Your time with Chalice was memorable (mine too) and you should see it as it is; a cherished memory of a past lover and a present-day friend. Aww

28) Last question, would you say you care enough about each other to save the other from impending doom, even if it cost you your own life?

Chal: Hell yes!
Nigel: Absolutely! Heart

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